Video Links

To access the videos, paste the link in a Youtube page or take a look at my Youtube Playlists.
Note: If any of the links shown here do not work, it is a Youtube software problem. All videos come up if you search for my name on Youtube.

Flight Test
Documentaries, 2023
Flight Test 1 Preparation
Flight Test 2 Test Area

Small Airplane Design Tutorials
Documentaries, 2020 and on
Link Tutorial 1   Introduction, wing, stall speed
Link Tutorial 2    Preliminary design spreadsheet, performance
Link Tutorial 3    Fuselage, cg, W&B
Link Tutorial 4   Fuselage mass distribution, cg calculation
Link Tutorial 5  Horizontal tail
Link Tutorial 6   Vertical tail
Link Tutorial 7   Control surfaces elevator, rudder
Link Tutorial 8    Control surfaces aileron
Link Tutorial 9    Flaps
Link Tutorial 10  Wing planform, lift distribution, induced drag
Link Tutorial 11  Airfoil selection
Link Tutorial 12    Aerodynamic center, MAC, longitudinal stability
Link Tutorial 13    Engine and propeller installation
Link Tutorial 14    Flutter, description
Link Tutorial 15  Flutter, Ground vibration test
Link Tutorial 16   Loads
Link Tutorial 17  Structure
Link Tutorial 18  Drag reduction 1
Link Tutorial 19  Drag reduction 2
Link Tutorial 20  Airplane Design Resources
Link Tutorial 21  Structural fatigue
Link Tutorial 22  Flight control system bearings

Pulsar Modifications
Interview with Sonja Englert at a Pulsar Fly-In

Building Caro 1
ESA (Experimental Soaring Association) posted their recording of my presentation about building my motorglider here:

California Flying
Documentary, 2017, duration 8:30 minutes
Scenes from various trips in Caro 1

Caro 1 Flight to Oshkosh
Documentary, 2016, duration 5:50 minutes

Caro 1 First Flight
Documentary, 2015, duration 5:20 minutes

Sonjas Oshkosh 2015
Documentary, 2015, Short version duration 14:20 minutes

Motorglider Flying
Documentary, 2014, duration 6:11 minutes

AQUILA Turbo First Flight
Documentary, duration 3:46 min

Formation Flight Training
Documentary, 2013, duration 11:24 min

Visions of Central Oregon
Documentary, 2013, duration 8 min

Cascade Flight
2012 Documentary, Duration: 8 minutes