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July 2024

I will be flying to Oshkosh and am signed up to give my forum on engine cooling on Thursday, July 25 at 10 am.

June 2024

When it gets too hot to go flying, I go the other way, under water. My favorite place is the nearby lake, by now the water is quite warm. The water level is really high, but getting down to it from the trail can be tricky.

June 2024

The fire season has started with a large one nearby. On a weekend, the smoke started blowing in, later one could see that the source was to the south, behind a ridge. The firefighters got busy right away, fortunately there was a base with tankers just a few minutes by air away. After 3 days, the smoke died down, and once it was all clear, I flew over the area in Caro 1.

This picture shows the area from the north, the ridge in the center is completely burnt. All around the edges I could see the orange stripes of the retardent that was dropped from the tankers which stopped it.

The ridge I was flying over here was all burned, only the largest trees survived.

On the south end is a small town, where a road formed a fire break, but some people got their back yards burned. The houses all seemed ok, thanks for the space around them that was cleared of flammable material.

May 2024

The Pulsar got a workout on this flight to Caldwell, Idaho on a visit to one of my customers. The weather was great both ways, here are some pictures.

There was still snow in the Sierras south of Reno, where I crossed the highest part.

Getting three lakes in one picture on this trip is only possible there.

Above: Someone managed to create a small farm in the desert, with a small creek providing water which drains from the mountains. No neighbors anywhere nearby. 

Mini-Grand Canyon in the southeast corner of Oregon.

Black Rock desert, NV

Approaching the Snake River and Caldwell, near Boise