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Second Edition, 113 pages, over 85 illustrations, by Sonja Englert (ISBN 0-9752984-1-0)

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Efficient Powerplant Installations

This book is a must for everyone involved in engine installations. Whether you are installing an overhauled engine on a production airframe or design and maintain your own engine installation for a homebuilt airplane, this book covers every component and system firewall forward. Most kits or planes built airplanes do not include very detailed instructions on how to handle the engine installation. This book is intended to fill the gap. Learn about engine mounts, firewall layout, fuel systems, engine cooling optimization for aircooled and liquid cooled engines, cooling drag reduction, cowling design, engine controls, exhaust and induction systems, engine instrumentation, different ignition systems, advantages and disadvantages, propeller selection, oil systems and cabin heat, up to the first engine run. Make sure your engine works well and runs safely from the first start. Everything is well explained and easy to understand, whether you are an A&P or have never touched an engine before.

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124 pages, over 80 illustrations, by Sonja Englert (ISBN 0-9752984-0-2)

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Composite Facts
Design, Manufacturing, Repair

If you consider building or maintaining a composite airplane, or are simply interested working and designing with composite materials, this is the book to read. It is not geared towards a specific airplane, but includes all the techniques you are likely to encounter when building one. It takes you from the first mixing of resin to what you need to know to build a structurally safe composite airplane. The properties of different materials like glass, carbon, aramid and spectra fibers are explained, and where they are best used. Become familiar with different manufacturing techniques like wet layup and vacuum bagging, working with foam and honeycomb cores, preparation for bonding, learn which tools are needed, how to build simple molds, how resin is cured and what is necessary to achieve the full strength of a part. One chapter is dedicated to recognizing and repairing damaged composite structures. It is explained how properly design load transfers into composite, with many examples. You will find basic stress analysis for composite materials and comparison with metal, what influence the direction of fibers has on laminate strength and properties, what is fiber volume content, how can it be determined and how does it influence the weight of an airplane. This book was written for beginners, but it also contains a lot of useful information for any engineer who is getting involved with composites.

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125 pages, 129 illustrations, by Sonja Englert (ISBN 0-9752984-3-7) 

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Building Metal Airplanes

This book is for anyone who is fabricating metal components, although it has the most benefit for those building a sheet metal or welded tube structure airplane. It covers materials, measuring, basic metal working skills such as drilling, bending, forming, cutting, welding of tube structures and riveting, but also includes instructions on how to use a lathe and a milling machine. There are tables of bolts, rivets and standard aircraft fittings. For those designing an airplane or modifying an existing design, information about material properties and strength of fasteners is listed. It is described how to design and build for better fatigue strength, important things about corrosion protection and bonding metal. Simple repairs of metal structures are described. An airplane builder will have to integrate systems in his airplane, so one chapter is dedicated to present many examples and helpful hints. This book also covers how to weld fuel tanks, how to seal integral tanks and how to make fuel or hydraulic lines by cutting, bending and flaring tubes. For those setting up their shop are many descriptions of tools and equipment needed for working with metal. All airplanes have some metal components, so this book is useful even for those people building wood or composite airplanes. 

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132 pages, over 250 illustrations, by Sonja Englert (ISBN 0-9752984-8-8) 

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Tips and Tricks for Aircraft Homebuilders

Aircraft homebuilders are sharing their secrets to success. Many homebuilders have discovered ways to build a part quicker, for less money or with better quality while working on their project. Many of them are eager to share what they have learned with other builders and help them avoid mistakes. This book is a collection of the experiences of many builders. No matter what type of airplane you are building or what materials it is made from, there are a lot of useful tips on these pages. They cover the range from setting up a shop, tools and jigs to assembling the structure, systems installation, customizations, finishing and flight testing, many of them with step-by-step instructions. With this book, you can benefit from the experiments and years of accumulated knowledge from others. Illustrated with more than 250 pictures, everything is well explained and easy to understand.

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Second Edition, 126 pages, over 60 illustrations, by Sonja Englert (ISBN 0-9752984-2-9)

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Homebuilt Aerodynamics and Flight Testing

Your airplane is nearing its first flight and you have decided to perform the flight testing yourself. But you have never done this before. If that is the case, you should read this book. It is a step-by-step guide from the initial test flight with many tips and guidance how to safely perform your own flight testing. It will help you to get to know your airplane much better and fly it safely throughout its envelope. It will improve your understanding of the basic concepts of aerodynamics and flight characteristics. It also offers many suggestions for fixing problems you might encounter. Good stall characteristics are important for safe slow flight handling and one extensive chapter is dedicated to help you identify and resolve issues with stalls and spin recovery. Sample test cards are provided for each test, from performance tests to system checks to handling qualities. The book covers gliders, singles and twins with piston engines.

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80 pages, many illustrations, by Sonja Englert

Piston Engine Troubleshooting for Pilots

Is your engine running a bit rough? Is it hard to start or has it even quit on you? Unless you think this will never happen to you, this is a book you should have with you on every flight. It lists the symptoms you experience in the cockpit and gives you suggestions on what could be wrong. This is not just the typically very brief table you find in flight or engine manuals, but goes into enough detail that it can save you and your mechanic a lot of time and money in getting right to the cause of the problem. In addition, systems descriptions and schematics explain most function of the engine, providing tips for better engine operation and point out common problems.
Most four-stroke engines are very similar, so most of the descriptions apply to all engines. Where differences exist, this book lists engine-specific issues for Lycoming, Continental, Rotax, Jabiru and Volkswagen engines.

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Sonja Englert, 198 pages with illustrations. Paperback,  available in English or German

ISBN 0-9752984-6-1 (english), ISBN 0-9752984-5-3 (deutsch)

Oswald Boelcke

Pioneer of Fighter Aviation
This book takes you to Germany back to a time before and during the Great War. Oswald Boelcke grew up in a very different society where cars and airplanes were just being invented. Interested in the military and technology from an early age, he pursued a career as an officer in the Kaiser’s army. His greatest wish came true when he was allowed to learn to fly just before the war. Initially flying as a reconnaissance pilot, he quickly realized the potential of the airplane as an offensive weapon. In August 1916, following his suggestions, separate single-seat fighter squadrons were created and he was made the leader of fighting squadron Jasta 2. He was the first one to select his pilots and train them systematically in formation flight and coordinated fights instead of individual hunting. Tragically, only a few months later, he lost his life in a mid-air collision. Boelcke’s achievements can be found in the development and documentation of aerial fighter tactics. He was a brilliant leader and is regarded as the father of fighter aviation. In this book he describes his adventures on the ground and in the air. The book is based on the detailed letters Boelcke wrote during his lifetime. The events in this book were meticulously researched to provide an accurate picture of Oswald Boelcke’s life.

EASA CS-22 Segelflugzeug und Motorsegler Lufttüchtigkeitsforderungen

127 Seiten, Übersetzung von Sonja Englert

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