Aeronautical Engineering Services

Let me put >25 years of experience with airplane design, engine installations,

composite repair and flight testing to your use.

To get an idea what I have done in the past, take a look at my past projects page.


I can assist with:


v     Engine Installations

         Engine cooling consultation (flat fee $200)

         Engine mount 3D modeling & analysis

v     Conceptual & Preliminary Airplane Design

         Airplane load analysis

v     Aerodynamic Airplane Design

         Airfoils, drag and performance analysis

         Stability and control

         Design for improved stall characteristics, spin recovery, spin resistance

v     Structures

         Composite structures design and repair

         Analysis (all materials)

         Structural tests

v     Flutter

         Ground vibration test

         Flutter analysis

         Flutter flight test support

v     Flight Testing

         Flight test plans

         Flight tests

         Flight test data reduction

v     Airplane Systems Design

         Fuel systems

         Flight controls



Rate: call for hourly rate, estimates for complete projects may be available on request

Ph. 1-541-213-1349


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